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Lunar Lander simulator

NASA’s Space Place Primary level space games

Sci jinks Secondary level (mostly weather) simulations (NASA)

Mechanics and technology

Bridge Builder

Cargo Bridge


The magic triangle

A triangle can be made by arranging 4 shapes on a 5 x 13 grid.
By re-arranging the shapes a new triangle can be made.
The  pieces in the lower triangle are exactly the same as those in the upper triangle, but now seem to take up less space so there is one blank square


Where does the white square come from?

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Here is another similar puzzle:

4 similar qudrilateral shapes are arranged into a square.
If each is rotated by 180º they make a similar square but there is a piece missing in the middle.
Where does the extra space come from?

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Bear Puzzle

A bear walks 1 kilometre south, 1 kilometre west and then 1 kilometre north
He ends up in exactly the same place he started.
What colour is the bear?

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4 litres of water problem

You are camping by the edge of a stream and a recipe calls for EXACTLY 4 litres of water.
bottlesUnfortunately, you only have two empty containers, one that holds 3 litres of water and one that holds 5 litres.

How can you get exactly 4 litres (you can fill and empty the containers as many times as you like using water from the stream).

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Game about moments (the lever law)  Simple moment simulation

Forces and motion  Simulation about the Lever Law

Springs and Hookes Law  Learn about Hookes Law

How friction heats up a surface (Kinetic theory simulation)

Density Learn about density by seeing what floats

Energy Change   Kinetic, potential and internal energy change

Colour mixing   What happens colours are mixed together

The Light Game   Learn about red blue and green light

Build an Atom (GCSE)

Refraction (GCSE)


pH scale  Test the pH of different substances

Balancing an equation (GCSE)  

Balancing chemical formula (GCSE)